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5 Steps to Achieve a Healthy Lawn

The benefits of a healthy lawn go beyond astetics. Mainting a healthy lawn releases levels of oxygen and captures tons of dirt which keeps your family healthy. Growth of healthy grass also produces a cooling effect for your home.

1. Cutting Height of the Lawn

For cool -climate grasses your first cut should be around 2 inches. this allows for the dead grass to be removed as well as sunlight exposure to the root system. Cutting height after your first cut should be maintained at 3 inches or higher.

2. Cut Your Lawn with a Sharp Blade

A well-maintained (sharp and balanced) blade cuts grass cleanly and evenly.

3. Watering

Deep watering helps develop deep roots that tap into subsurface water supplies . Light sprinklings wet only the grass and surface of the soil; this encourages shallow root growth and increases the need for more frequent watering as well as promoting weed growth.

4. Fertilizing and Weed Control

Your Family Tree Technician will apply the proper nutrients and weed controls on your lawn.

5. Aerate Your Lawn to Help it "Breathe"

Grass roots need oxygen as well as water and nutrients. Aerating—the process of removing small plugs of soil produces multiple benefits.


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